Day 21 – Long day

Work has been crazy busy the past couple of weeks.  We are working on a massive project and I am just ready to be done with it.  I am actually going to hop back on right now and do some more work.

Day 20 – Going back to work and goodbyes suck

Today kinda sucked.  Work was rough and I had to say goodbye to my best friend today.  I am exhausted and am going to bed.

Day 19 – Exploring is a drug…and I am hooked.

So today has to have been one of my favorite days in Colorado thus far.  My best friend and I traveled about an hour west of Denver to Idaho Springs, CO to snowshoe St. Mary’s Glacier.  You want to talk about an amazing experience, this is it.  When you are driving up to the glacier, you cannot really see where it is.  It is hidden in this valley behind a 3/4 mile hike.  So relatively short in distance, but unbelievably tough if you are not used to the altitude.  It is all uphill from the very tiny parking lot.  None the less S and I threw on our gear and headed up on the path.  Once you turn out of the wooded area and see the glacier from the bottom, you mouth just drops.  It is massive.  4 months ago if you would have asked me if I would ever climb a mountain, I would probably say maybe.  When we got to the base of the glacier we both looked at each other and set lets climb this.  So much fun.  The glacier is a massive beast that legitimately will kick your ass.  The air is super thin and the work out on your legs is ridiculous.  After climbing and descending I realized that this is a huge part of my life that was missing.  I miss challenging myself physically and mentally which climbing and mountaineering requires.  This year I am going  to focus on learning the basics and gaining the gear and intro experience I need/want.  Next winter I have found a Mountaineering course that I want to take to better prepare myself for the adventures ahead.  So Pumped.

Day 18 – To The Canyons!!…well sort of

Not going to lie.  I was really hung over this morning.  Like I haven’t been hung over in a long time and this hurt.  But like a champ I took it upon myself to rally for my company.  My best friend and I decided to head up to Brasserie 10/10 for a much needed brunch.  It had been awhile since I had been there and I forgot how amazing the restaurant and Boulder, CO are in general.  Shortly after some delicious brunch and some much needed shopping, we drove up Boulder Canyon Road.  If you have never been, all I can tell you is that you are missing out.  The day wound up being completely clear and sunny…like most days in Colorado.  Simply amazing and awe inspiring is all I can say.  The twists and turns of the road bring out so much amazing wilderness that the heart becomes content.

Post Boulder and a much needed man nap we headed out to dinner with J&C to one of my favorite places Steubens.  That place is literally a landmark in colorado.  If you have never been to it you are missing out.  Think of the best home cooked meal you have ever had and triple the deliciousness.

Day 17 – Are you too good for your home?!?!?

Woo, what a day.  So originally today I was supposed to go snowshoeing with a bunch of people that I had never met.  In hind site I probably should have but, I did wind up having one of the best days out here.  So instead of going snowshoeing I was invited to play Colorado national today.  What an amazing day on the golf course.  You have never really played golf until it is January in the 50s and snow/ice are still on the greens.  Its like a giant game of mini golf.  The round was good, but I could have played better.  I did get to use my new hybrid that replaced my old really crappy one.

On top of golfing, later tonight, one of my best friends from Albany came out to visit me for the long weekend.  I cant tell you how much I actually missed her.  Following picking her up from the airport we proceeded to see Guster at the Ogden theater.  One of the coolest venues I have seen in a while.  I am super pumped for the weekend and all of the adventures that await.

Day 16 – Thinking of traveling

I haven’t been out of the US in quite some time.  I think its time to start planning a trip.  Iceland seems to be the best option and is a place that I have always wanted to go.  Not going to lie, I have had a lot on my mind about so many things.  Sometimes its just frustrating to date, to deal with loss, to move on, etc.  I need to go to the gym I have too much frustration built up.  Need to pick things up and put them down.

Day 15 – Breaking day

So today is traditionally the day that most new years resolutions are broken or given up on.  Now while I will be honest that I did miss part of my work out yesterday, I have not given up on it.  I did part of the workout that I could at home, and will not miss the workout rotation.  It is just postponed a day.  That being said I have been making great progress on other fronts.  Today I purchased the USB mic that I will need for my Salesforce Web series that I am doing as well as worked on narrowing down a intro song/theme and the safe harbor statement that will proceed the tutorial videos.  Check out the safe harbor statement image below.  I also happened to finish the end table staining that I was working on as well.  So all in all it was a very productive day.  I still need to work on the first series scripts for the Salesforce videos and start filming them once I get the microphone and stands I need.  I also need to make sure I do them when my neighbors are not home.  I am sitting here at 11:30 PM right now and my neighbor has his TV blasting.  Apparently he is def.  Anyways, keeping those goals in sight as we cross into the half way point of January.  Later!

safe harbor

Day 14 – Realizing that family comes first

So I had a really long day at work and I couldn’t wait to go to the gym to blow off some steam today.  Unfortunately my gym time conflicted with a family emergency.  Nothing serious, but something that couldnt wait.  So part of the way into my routine I left the gym to help.  I realized this past holiday season that family must always come first no matter what.  Its something that I forgot having lived the last 9 years of my life over 3000 miles away from my family.  So tonight I did what I could in my work out at home so I would have less to do tomorrow morning.  Dont give up or ever give in and make sure family comes first.  Later.

Day 13 – Keep building

“The Essence of life is growth”.  This is something that I have come to realize is incredibly true.  I have been looking back on my life the past two years and I have realized that it took a couple swift kicks in the ass and a couple broken hearts for me to truly realize this.  I can honestly say that in the past two years I have grown more than I have in the prior twenty-seven years of my life.  Being single allows you to spend lots of time understanding who you are as a person and who you want to become.  At no other time in life do you have this luxury.  I am excited for this year and have already seen vast improvements in my own personal growth and goals that I have set for this year.  I will concur them all.

Day 12 – Insanity at work and stress relief at the gym

Good God work has been insane.  We are in the middle of this massive project and its like a sweater.  You pull one thread and it all starts to unravel.  Luckily I am able to get all of my stress from work out at the gym.  It feels damn good to crush the workout.  On a side not I just got my fitbit today!!!! Woooooo!!  So hopefully when I better understand the dashboard I can start to post some analytics from my daily life.  The think I am most interested in is my sleep patterns or lack there of.  Okay, I am exhausted.  Time to hit the bed.  Peace!